Allie || Mississippi Newborn Photographer

News flash!  Aubrey Claire is a big sister!  Aubrey Claire is one of my camera's mostest favoritest people.  Those are totally real words.  AC has played with me twice before, but that was before she took on the huge responsibility of being a big sister.  Baby Allie is what one might call...ummm...crazy beautiful.  She has an extraordinary head of silky, black hair.  She is peaceful and calm.  She is perfection.  Allie & AC's mom, Emily, has great style and was super smart to bring fantastic props and recommend we shoot at her father-in-law's home.  Love that!  Thanks, Emily, for giving me so many opportunities to love your children.  They, and you, are just precious.
 (I mean, come on!  That chair was just calling to us.  Use me, use me!)

Family is so beautiful.  I feel very fortunate to know this one.

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