Aubrey Claire - Mississippi Children's Photographer

Sometimes you meet a child that you think just can't be any cuter.  Sad really, that they've reached their peak of cuteness.  It's all downhill from here.  I thought that about Aubrey Claire when I photographed her last spring.  She was all baby fat and snuggable goodness.  But, I was wrong.  She is now walking and babbling in all her toddlerness.  She is, in one word, precious.  I wanted to throw her in my backseat and bring her home with me.  I hear child kidnapping doesn't look good on your record, so I refrained.

To double my pleasure, double my fun, her mom jumped in this time for some frames too.  As you will see, Emily is simply stunning.  My camera loves them both.  Immensely.  I now know that, even though I think it can't be so, Aubrey Claire will be even cuter next spring when she becomes a big sister.

Have fun this weekend at your Aunt Caroline's wedding, Aubrey Claire, and remember you aren't supposed to outshine the bride. 

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