Mary Hays - Mississippi Children's Photographer

Meet my new best friend, Mary Hays.  I have known Mary Hays' dad for my entire 34 years.  He was a dedicated bachelor in my hometown, and I think he had full intention to remain that way.  But, then he met Beth.  Beth is of the contagious variety.  Once you've met her, you just pray you'll see her again.  She is bubbly and all-around-awesome.  She probably doesn't remember that the first time we met was on my Chrysalis walk back in about 1991.  But, I remember her and all her sweetness.  She leaves the type of impression I hope I can leave on just one person in this life.  She's genuinely caring and sweet, and I've adored her for years though I rarely see her.

Now that I've admitted my love for her mother, let's chat about the fabulous Mary Hayes.  She's personable, like her Mom, and totally laid-back, like her Dad.  She is truly the best of each of them.  We had a blast together, and I found out she has a boyfriend.  That is one lucky boy.  Mary Hays, he's not good enough for you.  No boy could be, because you are fabulous and insanely beautiful.  I can't wait to meet your new baby brother or sister in the spring!

Aren't these red boots to die for?!  You know a girl has it goin' on when she has red boots!

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