Connor & Davis - Mississippi Child Photographer

This week as I was talking to another client about the possibility of shooting her upcoming session in downtown Clinton, I realized I'd never blogged about THIS session in downtown Clinton.  How could I deny you all the cuteness that is Connor & Davis?! 

It was a cold, cold day.  Davis was none to happy about our dragging him around in the frigid air.  Connor, however, was happy as a clam.  A clam in the depths of the cold, cold ocean.

Aren't they the cutest family?

Wiggly diaper butt moving at warp speed.  Go ahead and pinch your screen.

Connor was a trooper.  He romped.  He played.  He made me laugh.  He's one awesome kid.

Davis didn't want to be my friend.  That's okay.  I don't like me much either, sweet baby.  And I still think YOU are precious beyond words.

These boys are gonna cause a lot of heartache. I hear the distant plop of teardrops and shattering of hearts.  So glad I got to enjoy them for an afternoon.

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