Music Monday || Shine

When it comes to music, I don't sit with the cool kids.  I don't do Lady Gaga and couldn't sing a line of Katie Perry if my life depended on it.  My sisters inherited the music gene.  I apparently had stepped out of line when that gene was handed out.  Bathroom break!

But, my soul is stirred by music.  It's rarely a song that will make the Top 40 countdown.  The general public probably will never sing the same bars as I.  But, my music is slammed with lyrics that move my heart and leave me smiling.  Or sighing.  Or on the verge of tears.

I recently heard about the music video that accompanies The David Crowder Band's "Shine".  If I'm a music nerd, I'm downright brace-faced and four-eyed on the music video front.  But, it was definitely worth my time to search out this video.  The days it must've taken for this band to put together such a display is mind boggling.  All so someone, somewhere might feel a stirring in their soul to learn more.  Shine indeed.
You'll need to watch it twice, because you'll be so enamored by the video you won't hear the words. 
Trust me.
(Sorry, I can't embed the video because my current blog settings cut the video screen in half.  See, total dork.)
And, because no post is complete without a photo, shine your light so all can see it...

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