Northeast Bound and Down

Over the weekend, my baby sister & I traveled to Connecticut for a short getaway.  Why would two fairly-well educated, seemingly sane people go to Connecticut in February?  Our parents sent us.  They cleverly disguised it as a Christmas present, but I think they were just trying to get rid of us.  Hoping we'd become human popsicles and all that.

Shelbi has a good friend, Stacy, who is an assistant coach for the University of Oklahoma women's basketball team.  Hey, if you can't be cool, you can at least have cool friends (see how super cool she is).  Shelbi tries to attend a couple of games each year to support Stacy, so my parents bought her plane & game tickets to watch Oklahoma play UConn in Hartford.  Very exciting stuff.  How did I get in on the deal?  I was her chaperone.  She's 29,  by the way.  In my Dad's eyes, she's still the baby.  In all my superior oldest child knowledgeness, I steered my little lamb away from all things bad...except nachos, Diet Mt Dew, and one very good hamburger.

We were blessed with great weather and one day of nothing but shooting.  Pictures, not people.  Shelbi likes photography as much as I do, so we were obvious tourists hefting our trusty Nikons all over town.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I could go on and on about Hartford weather, how the town is empty on weekends, and how you can survive on one meal a day as long as you keep your airplane snacks and raid the hotel hot chocolate stash, but I will move on.

Some fun moments from our Sunday photo walk...

 We walked along the river.  We very cool because it was frozen.  Completely.  This was taken under the bridge leading to East Hartford.
 Hugh.g.mongous icicle.  It was way above our heads, but I am pretty sure it was bigger than us.  It was also scary to stand under.  shudder.
 We spend a lot of time in Bushnell Park.  It was covered in snow, of course, but we found lots to photograph.  Park benches...that you can't even see.
 Shelbi tanding on the other side of a snow mound.  Yes, we are both standing...on the ground.
 The squirrels were quite friendly.  Or desperate.  Not sure which.  They were quite interested in us, until they discovered we didn't have any food.  Then, we weren't friends anymore.

 We loved this building, though we never bothered to learn what it is!
 Shelbi having a seat...BESIDE the park bench.

 I took this to show the scale of the snow, but it is hard to tell just how big that snowball is in the picture.  It was about size of a football.
 Shelbi checking for rain outside the Travelers Insurance building.  Hey, I told you were were tourists.  I never said we were cool tourists.
 Shelbi getting "the" shot.
 See the frozen river.  To a Mississippi girl, that was very cool indeed.
Honestly, Abe, we didn't love Hartford all that much.  But, we loved you.  Honestly.

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