Giggles: Dixon Kids Design Emporium

Like most parents, I get a huge kick out of watching my kids' discover the world.  They mangle and mesh reality with the best of 'em.  And it's dang funny.  My favorites from this holiday season have been their renditions of "Deck the Halls".

Celie - "Deck the hall with thousand holly"
Archer - "Reekin rackin jolly jolly"

Makes me think of the Asian men at the end of "The Christmas Story".  FaRaRaRaRa.

They also did a bang-up job decorating the tree.  All ornaments were placed at the front of the tree, preferably grazing the carpet.

Please don't envy my lucious green carpet.  Your green envy is almost the same shade of awesome!

Please take note of Archer's cupcake & gingerbread sticker accessories.  These were his Advent gift for that day, and he chose to put them all over his pajamas.  The entire pack.  This is why Mama buys Advent gifts AFTER Christmas for the next year.  Waste doesn't bother me nearly as much at 75% off.

Even clustered ornaments are purty and shiny.

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