Van, Jennifer, Sarah Grace, & Evan || MS Family Photographer

I have known Van his entire life and Jennifer for almost that long.  Van and I are cousins, though I'm sure he'd rather keep that under wraps.  No one wants to admit being of my relation.  But, the star of this show was Jennifer.  Not only did she get two children and herself dressed and to the Court Square by 10 am, she got Van to leave the fields all in the name of a family photo.  The woman is a miracle worker. 

I had a blast hanging out with my cousins and enjoyed getting to know them a little.  Sarah Grace's reputation as a head strong tomboy preceeded her, but she was all girl for our shoot.  She even donned my tutu!  Evan is an ever-moving 2 year old.  I couldn't focus my camera before he was off again.  They were full of energy and perfect examples of why I love photographing children.  They take life by the horns and pull just to see what will happen.

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  1. These are all so cute. I love the one where their backs are turned and Jennifer is holding Evan on her hip. Cute family pictures. Beth