Tyler & Drew || MS Children's Photographer

These sisters are sweethearts, though their Dad tries to convince me otherwise.  He spreads all sorts of rumors about them beating up boys and generally being rough.  Whether they are destined for juvenile hall remains to be seen, but my camera loves them and I think they are fabulous!  Thanks, Trey & Tina, for making the trek to Charleston for the shoot.  I hope you think it was worth the trip!

I love this shot.  Tyler is sneaking up on Drew to smack her with a flower.  She doesn't realize I'm catching her in the act!

The girls had a blast ripping old mortar from the side of a building.  Who knew girls in pretty dresses could find a construction project?!
Oh, the character of these two!  This is just before they left, and Drew is explaining to Trey that it's all Tyler's fault.  Tyler, of course, is protesting.  They were so much fun!

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