Ellie || MS Children's Photographer

Meet my new friend, Ellie.  Ellie's mom, Amy, told me Ellie was a shy girl and may take a little time to warm up to me.  Little did she know, Ellie & I are like peas and carrots!  I asked Miss Ellie if she'd like to take walk with me, and we were instant buds.  She was super sweet and so easy to fall in love with.  By the end of our session, Ellie was leading me to spots she wanted to take pictures!  Can't wait to see you again, Ellie, so we can go on another adventure.

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  1. Oh Erin these pictures are so cute of Ellie! She is so precious and you captured her beauty perfectly. If you come back to take photos I would love to get you to take some of my daughter. Beth Bell