Hoot & Holler || The Annual Summer Football Ad Scramble

For longer than my lifetime, my high school has been selling ads for their football program in which people place pictures of their children, grandchildren, pets, and a sundry of other important individuals.  My picture appeared at the tender age of one.  Since my niece was born 12 years ago, my Dad has joined the ranks of using his business ad to shamelessly promote the cuteness of his grandchildren.  Seriously, people buy it for the pictures.  I look at it every year and don't pay one bit of attention to the ads.  Just looking at the cute kids, thanks.

Since my kids were born, I was dragged into the malay of creating and choosing pictures for my Dad's ad.  It's not as simple as choosing a cute picture.  My Dad insists on pithy phrases to accompany the image.  Anyone who knows us understands we are nothing if not pithy.  Every summer we know the dealine, and every summer we scramble the last week to assemble a decent package.  This year, we finally thought about it prior to the last minute and held a mini shoot at my Dad's hunting camp in June.  Granted, Dad waited until the week of to pick an image, and we found out the ads were to be in color this year AFTER we submitted in black and white.  Sigh.  Maybe next year we'll get it right.  Maybe.

These are the rejects.  I'll share our winner after the football programs come out.  The cuteness of the 9 and 12 year old variety are my niece, Abby, and nephew, Jack.

We didn't have a theme for this one, other than extreme cuteness.
Bettin' on the Rams.

Hear it.  See it.  Speak it.  Love it.  Go Rams!
(my favorite, but not my Dad's choice)

And speaking of shameless promotion, if you have real estate needs in Tallahatchie County you should call my Dad.  Dont' tell him I sent you or he might charge you an annoyance fee.
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