Hoot & Holler || It's A Mardi Party!

Yes, I am a litle behind.  Okay, alot behind.  Don't remind me.  Waaayyyyyy back in March, we traveled with my parents to Youngsville, Louisiana for Mardi Gras.  This was Celie's fourth trip and Archer's third.  To say they enjoy it would be a smidgen of an understatement.  We are so fortunate to stay with my Dad's friends, Mike & Kathy, who are as gracious as they are fun.  This year's trip started off memorably for me, and not in a good way.  I began feeling flu-ish about 10 minutes into our drive and continually felt worse as the day progressed.  I felt so bad I laid on a bed Friday night curled into sad, little ball while everyone else enjoyed my "Uncle" Andy's crawfish etouffee.  Andy cooks like Joel Osteen preaches.  His food is mezmerizing and draws a crowd.  Andy's concoctions are other-worldly.  To say I missed out is like saying someone dropped $100 bills from the sky just moments after I went indoors.  The man can cook.  And I missed it.  I may need a moment to grieve.

Thankfully, I made a miraculous recovery by Saturday morning.  I have no idea how (other than God's mercy and grace), but I was incredibly thankful.  It poured buckets all Saturday morning.  We huddled under tents and searched for an opening in the clouds.  About a half hour before the parade, the sky cleared.  Unbelievable!  Because of the storms the marching bands did not march and many of the parade-goers stayed home.  So, my kids had
a) no pause between parade floats for the bands and (hence) no pause between reception of goodies, and
b) no competition for said goodies.

It was the perfect recipe for the kids.  We had a blast.  Experience the joy...

Archer gets a lift from Jonathan to see the oncoming parade floats.  Please note, there are no people across the street.  Usually, they are lined shoulder to shoulder.

So excited to get started.

Papoo gives instructions on proper bead garnering procedure.

Proud man.

Aaaaand we do a happy dance.

Throw me somethin', Mister!

And pause for another happy dance.

Both kids caught stuffed animals, a first for us.  Papoo & JenJen convinced them if they put on their jester hats they would catch more stuff.  Nanoseconds later, they each hit the jackpot.  Now, they expect it to happen EVERY year.  Pavlov's dog ain't got nothin' on the these kids.

Prepare yourself for cuteness.  I mean, seriously.  How could you not throw a mountain of bead love to this precious pookie?!

For some extra fun, we got to see our friend (Mike & Kathy's son, Philipp) propose to his girlfriend, Crystal, after the parade.  Bonus!

 Thanks again to our Cajun family for welcoming us for the festivities and making it so very fun.  Until next year...

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  1. Love the pictures Erin! Looks like they had a blast!