Hoot & Holler || Dr. Seuss Week

Last week was Dr. Seuss Week at Celie's school, and Clinton Park celebrated with crazy themes for each day.  Celie had two favorites, by far.  In honor of Mr. Geisel, I shall complete this blog in rhyme.

What day is today?  What day, I say? 
Why it's Wild Hair Day.  Hip, hip hooray! 
How will Celie create her 'do?  Why with three ponytails instead of two! 
You say her 'do needs a little hue?  Oh why not, let's paint it blue!

Now we're done with our locks, let's move onto our socks.
Please do not mock our Day of Crazy Socks.
But, what if our shoes hide our fun little socks?
No worries, my dear, we'll go with flip flops.
Some say Celie channeled her Aunt Shelbi here.
That Aunt Shelbi's footwear can be a bit queer.
As long as she also inherits her brains I won't fear.
I digress, let's get on with this sweet running gear.
This is Ruffie, Celie's Valentine friend.
He was her favorite but that's at an end.
At the Mardi Gras parade she got a new dog.
So, Ruffie's no longer quite so high on the hog.

We hope you've enjoyed the Dr. Seuss show.
And maybe got a laugh from a colorful toe. 
A chuckle escaped seeing that blazin' blue 'fro?
But, now, if you'll excuse me I really must go.

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