Family Discovery

We thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather this weekend and spent most of our time outdoors.  Most importantly, the hubs smoked a fantastical wild hog hind quarter.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  It was tasty.  If anyone would like the story of how he killed said wild hog, he will be more than happy to share.  Again.  And again.

Also of interest was the discovery we made while digging in the yard.  I'm scoop, scoop, scooping with the shovel, and Jonathan loudly says "HOLD ON" just as I see a flash of black & red.  As the marquee in my head flashed BLACK + RED = SNAKE, I dropped the shovel and scaddedled off that dirt in a blur.  My huge, scary snake turned out to be not so large or frightening.

We pulled them out long enough for them to warm up and walk around for the education of Celie & Archer.  Then, we tucked them back into the dirt and marveled at how they immediately began to dig back into that moist, cool home.  Nature is so very cool.

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