Beautiful Babies - Mississippi Child Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking holiday portraits at Archer's daycare.  We luh-huv our daycare.  The teachers are loving and have taken great care of my kids for (gulp) almost six years.  Here are a few examples of the cuteness that is present daily.  These are the children of the daycare director/assistant director.  Shameless smoozing to post the directors' kids?  Um, yeah!  Mama, ain't no fool.  Plus, they really are precious pookies.

The dynamic duo of Adelle & Jonathan.  Can't you just see their thoughts?
Adelle:  "Jonathan, you're so cute."
Jonathan (looking at his reflection):  "Who is that handsome devil?  Oh, it's me."


Have you ever wondered if sweetness can radiate from someone's eyes?  Yep, it can.  Meet Kellie.  And melt.

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