Sometimes a danger of opening a business doing something you love is that you no longer have time to do that something just for fun. I fell into that category quickly. All my free time consumed with growing my business, I rarely have time to shoot just because. But, last month at my company's 50th anniversary extravaganza (at the crazy beautiful Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama) I did. Just because. I got up before breakfast Sunday morning and walked for an hour. I sweated through my shirt and looked like a drowned rat by breakfast. Just because. And, it was soooo worth it. The pictures won't make any money or win any awards. They might never have seen the light of day, and that would've be okay. Except I want to share them because they represent, for me, a reminder of why I love photography. There is something magical about freezing a moment in time and being able to revive memories with that image. Whenever I see these pictures I will again remember how fun it was to see co-workers I hadn't seen in years, how sad I was that Jonathan had to work and didn't get to go with me, how much I enjoyed that one hour of solitude, and how I stopped in the middle of a walkway to thank God for creating such beauty.

I hope you enjoy even one of these pictures. More importantly, I hope they inspire you to do something you love today. Just because.

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  1. Beautiful work Erin. I still would like to book a session for our family. I have let time slip away from me. Let me know when you would be available to do it in Clinton. Thanks again

    Angela Ezekiel

    Thanks to for the reminder of making time for things we love.