This week Celie had to create a poster about herself for school.  Mrs. Geiger sent home a half-posterboard for us to decorate, and we confettied and glued and stamped and markered.  Quite the fun project for a 5-year-old...and her mom too.  The last step was to choose photos to add.  I booted up the computer and let Celie choose.  As I scanned through the pictures, she chose...and chose...and chose.

"Oh, Mama, there's KatKat!"
"Oh, Mama, there's JenJen!"
"Oh, Mama, there's GranJDPaPooMayMayCharlieAuntShelbiSaSaDixonKacyLilyHayesAbbyJackAuntMaeMae..."

On and on we went.  In the end, we could only fit three pictures on the board.  So, we went with the obligatory Mama, Daddy, & Archer.  But, it certainly reminded me how fortunate she is to have so much family to adore her.  And she them.  The love within a family is my mostest favoritest thing to capture in photography.  It just rocks.

Pcitures are from Grandparents Day at Celie's school.  Lunch with KatKat always makes for a day that's a keeper.

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